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When she won't present her ass to Tia, she is sadistically locked in restraints and penetrated in the ass as punishment. Tia fucks her rough with a dildo until she comes. She fucks herself, as he canes her, as she cums. The article brings together important influences in Tia's evolving practice of bondage.

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You are a working girl, Gracie says sitting and holding a dildo at his crotch. Lots of face sitting, foot worship and deep anglings are only just the beginning for Gracie. She climaxes and that when she swears she will be entertained. Gracie and choked for a set about cock and ball tie but didn't materialize the way he drools over her big ass before using her socks as a gag and blindfold.

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She has found her happy place! Alice sits on his face. Strings of drool and foam wet the metal gag. With a vibrator, she fucks herself. Alice gets her wish. She had issues, now she begs for cock, to cum, to be flogged and eventually to be fucked hard in tight rope bondage.

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